Apple fined for violating five patents

Apple was fined $ 506 million (via Bloomberg) by a federal jury in Texas for “willfully” violating a total of five cellular standard patents.

The lawsuit was filed by a group of companies. Including PanOptics and Optis Wireless Technology for over a year. And which alleged that Apple owes them proceeds for infringing several patents on LTE technology.

The court concluded that Apple’s arguments were insufficient and that the violation was voluntary, meaning that the amount of the fine could be increased up to three times later.

Apple told Bloomberg that it plans to appeal the decision. The company added in a statement. Lawsuits such as these are filed by companies that deliberately collect patents to annoy the industry. It only stifles innovation and harms consumers. ”

The lawsuit mainly concerns standard patents that allow for a range of basic cellular functions and is aimed at the use of LTE technology in the iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad.

PanOptics originally said it is providing Apple with a “worldwide license” for patents related to LTE technology. However, although they tried to negotiate several times with the Cupertino, California-based company, they were unable to seal a deal.

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