Epic Games is suing Google for antitrust and anti-competitive practices

Epic Games has sued Google for alleging monopoly and anti-competitive practices in app stores. It is only hours after Fortnite was pulled from the Google Play Store and the game studio is taking legal action against Apple for similar reasons.

According to Epic Games. Google’s antitrust behavior breaks the original promises of an “open ecosystem” for Android and eliminates consumer choice.

Epic Games claims

In its complaint, Epic Games claimed that such an anti-competitive policy. Which violates both Sherman Act and California Cartwright Act.

It allowed Google to create a monopoly and stifle “competition in the distribution of Android applications. Using myriad of contractual and technical hurdles.”

Epic Games is suing Google in two primary cases: the latter’s monopoly on the distribution of Android apps and the Google Play Store digital product tax, which allows Google to withdraw 30% of every purchase made in the store, such as the Fortnite app.

The lawsuit is pretty much the same as the one that Epic Games filed against Apple earlier today. It is the latest chapter in a game studio’s campaign against the companies behind the two largest mobile platforms.

However, Epic Games’ battle with Google is less intense because Android has relatively lenient limits compared to Apple’s iOS platform.

You can still install Fortnite outside of the Google Play Store through alternative sources such as Epic’s sideloader.

Epic Games also assured that it is not looking for “material compensation” or “looking for preferential treatment”. But “the injunction would fulfill Google’s saving promise: the Android ecosystem is open and competitive for all users and industry participants.”

Interestingly, the lawsuit also alleges that Google has stepped in and banned a possible deal between OnePlus and Epic Games. The partnership would have allowed Epic Games to pre-load Fortnite on OnePlus phones, thereby bypassing Google Play Store taxes.

And Epic Games adds that it is not possible to reach a similar potential deal with LG because the phone maker has a contract to “prevent sideloading on the Google Play Store this year.”


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