Facebook has begun to integrate Instagram and Messenger chat functions

Facebook seems to have started integrating Instagram and Messenger mobile chat functions. After a plan was revealed in early 2019.

For some people, a notification has appeared on the iOS and Android versions of Instagram. Offers a new “way to send messages” while showing the picture-sharing app icon next to Messenger. The notification, which gives users the option to update the app, lists features like a new colorful design, emoji responses, scrolling to reply, and the ability to chat with friends on Facebook.

After pressing the refresh button. The Instagram messaging icon will be replaced by the Messenger logo. However, Instagram users cannot send messages to Facebook users, The Verge reported.

The release of the notice likely means a merger of Instagram and Messenger chats is imminent.

Integration of Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram

In January 2019, The New York Times reported that Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, was looking to integrate Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram messaging services. This allows users to chat with each other on all three platforms.

Reportedly, Zuckerberg has also ordered the three apps to adopt end-to-end encryption, with the merger starting in 2020. An Instagram notice may mean the plan has been implemented, but it remains to be seen whether the three apps will merge. In one courier service before the end of the year.

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