Apple: The brand’s first foldable smartphone could be launched in 2023

It is reported that Apple is considering launching the brand’s first foldable smartphone in 2023, and their screens will not be installed together. However, the company has not made any announcement regarding the issue, but the rumors are spreading on social media, according to technology media reports.

The foldable virtual smartphone has the same characteristics as an iPhone, but when opened, it will look like an iPad. It is also questionable whether the product can operate under the iPadOS operating system.

MicroLED screen soon on iPhone

The camera and fingerprint sensor will be located under the screen. first foldable smartphone will also feature an A16X or A17 processor manufactured using a 3nm process.

The latter is a quality assurance that could give the future iPad an edge over the references of Apple’s major competitors.

The device is likely compatible with Apple Glass smart glasses or Apple’s augmented reality headset.

The screen can also be equipped with MicroLED technology. Apple has been working for some time on devices that deliver this innovation on display. It could appear on the brand’s new models in three to four years, according to a company that works with Apple in this area.

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