How do you search Google from an image?

Google has a tool that allows you to search from an image found on the Internet. Very practical option that allows you to locate places, objects or people with a simple click.

Sure enough, while traveling the web, you came across a selfie, a place, or something you wanted to know more about. Google can give you an answer if you simply right-click on the image.

This function is available by default with Chrome and Firefox, provided you install the Google Image Search Extension.

Google search from an image with a right-click

To perform a Google search from an image with one right-click:
In your internet browser, place the cursor on the image you want to recognize and then right-click.
In the context menu, select the option Find a image with Google. The results page will open with the dimensions of the source image in mind and, where applicable, what it contains.

Google also offers a selection of similar images as well as a list of websites that contain similar images.
Note that the option also works from the Android and iOS version of Chrome by pressing and holding the desired image and then selecting the option to search for image on Google.

Search from Google Images

To search from Google Photos:
Another option is to search directly from the Google Photos page. Click the camera icon in the input field.
Then there are several possibilities available to you: copy and paste the url of the image you want to search for, drag an image from file explorer to your computer or select a file on your hard drive.

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