Huawei’s temporary license expiration in the US puts Google and Android support at risk

The temporary license granted by the Trump administration. to allow exchange between some US companies and Huawei has expired. putting the Chinese company’s Android smartphones at risk.

The license, which expired on August 13. was intended to help telecom companies operating in rural areas of the United States replace Huawei equipment with devices from other vendors.

The Commerce Department confirmed the expiration in an email to the Washington Post.

However, the delay also allowed US software vendors to continue sending updates to Huawei for release on its smartphones. This includes Google and the support it provides for Huawei’s Android smartphones.

Although old Huawei smartphones may still receive security updates for Android. Google will not be able to provide support if there is a compatibility issue. according to GSM Arena. Huawei may also not be able to distribute Google apps because Google will not be able to approve updates.

Huawei is in trouble

Huawei may have sold the most phones in the second quarter. beating Samsung and Apple for the first time in nine years. but the company is simply aiming to survive the new restrictions imposed by the US government.

Huawei also said recently that it is struggling to secure enough processors to manufacture its mobile phones due to the ban imposed by the US government. adding to the challenges currently plaguing Chinese society.

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