Opening of the first virtual museum “Voma”

Reconstructing an entire building in interactive 3D modeling. this new institution offers a free exploration of an original display of classic and contemporary works.

Today, August 14th, the first fully interactive virtual museum will open its doors. Voma provides the general public with an opportunity to wander into a 3D space to discover classic and contemporary works. as well as interactive creations specially designed for this new museum.

With the current pandemic. many museums are turning to the Internet to allow as many people as possible to continue discovering cultural works. Result varies from simple slideshow or photo gallery to 3D presentations in virtual rooms.

  Curator Lee Cavalier and artist Stuart Semple decided to go further by creating the first fully interactive virtual museum.

The Virtual Online Museum of Art (FOMA) is designed by a team of artists. museum curators, video game developers, graphic designers, and architects. Where Voma takes the form of a 3D building that he can roam around thanks to an avatar. much like a video game.

Instead of a simple information card. each work will be up front accompanied by related references and media.

A mix of classic and contemporary works and new interactive creations

Voma will host high-resolution digital copies of works from around the world. selected from institutions like the Musée d’Orsay, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Museum of Modern Art (Moma) in New York. or even the Art Institute of Chicago.

The displays will also include pieces by contemporary artists as well as interactive creations commissioned specifically for Voma.

However, the founders are very detailed about the exact performance and content of the virtual museum. preferring to preserve the effect of surprise during the launch. Voma is due to open today, August 14th, and entry to the exhibits is completely free.



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