Trump signs new decree against TikTok

US President Donald Trump signed a new Executive Order requiring the owner of TikTok, Bytedance to sell his company in the US.

However, while it is still clamping down on the social video sharing app. it is lightening the schedule set in a previous decree.

Originally, Bytedance had a 45-day deadline to sell its US business. with an end date of September 15th. or the company would face several restrictive measures. He now has 90 days to force the sale to an American company like Microsoft or Twitter. the rumor mill says.   

 similar order was also issued against the Chinese chatting app WeChat

A similar order was also issued against the Chinese chatting app WeChat.but it was even more strange considering that its owner Tencent has his fingers in various games and social and music companies and removing them from American activities is definitely unrealistic.

There are also questions about what this means, for example. Apple and Google who offer these apps in their app stores.

According to Bloomberg, Trump said earlier this month. “I don’t mind if Microsoft or anyone else, a big company, a safe company.a very American company is buying it.”   

In addition to “protecting US citizen data.” the US Treasury also wants to take advantage of the sale: “ByteDance orders the assignment of all interests and rights in any asset or property used to enable or support the operation of TikTok for the United States. And all data obtained or derived. Users of TikTok or in the US.

The US Foreign Investment Commission conducted a comprehensive review of the issue and unanimously recommended the president to this measure in order to protect US users from exploiting their personal data. ”said US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin.

Trump himself had previously said that any deal should also help the Treasury.

Microsoft previously announced that it aims to buy US TikTok operations in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

In the letter, Microsoft stressed that it “fully appreciates the importance of addressing the president’s concerns. It is committed to obtaining TikTok after a full security review and providing appropriate economic benefits to the United States.”

TikTok is used to create and share videos. Content creators can take advantage of the app’s extensive catalog of sound effects, music, and filters to record short clips of themselves as they dance and lip-sync. There are countless videos to discover. all on a variety of topics.

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