What do you know about artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI or AI in English) consists of implementing a number of technologies that aim to allow machines to imitate a form of real intelligence. As AI is being relied upon in an increasing number of application areas.

This concept was born in the 1950s thanks to mathematician Alan Turing. In his book Machine Computing and Intelligence, the latter raises the issue of equipping machines with some form of intelligence. Then he describes a test now known as the “Turing test” in which a person blindly interacts with another human being, then with a machine programmed to formulate reasonable responses. If the subject is unable to tell the difference, it means that the machine has passed the test and, according to the author, it can really be considered “smart”.

From Google to Microsoft via Apple, IBM or Facebook, all of the major companies in the IT world today are working on AI technology by trying to apply it to a few specific areas. Thus, each of them created artificial neural networks of servers and made it possible to handle heavy accounts within giant databases.

Some examples of using IA

Artificial vision, for example, allows a machine to precisely determine the content of an image and then automatically classify it according to the specific object, color, or face.

Algorithms are able to optimize their calculations as they process. This is how the anti-spam filters become more effective as the user identifies a spam message or, conversely, deals with false positives.

Speech recognition is increasing with virtual assistants able to transcribe formatted words into a natural language and then process requests either by responding directly via speech synthesis, by simultaneous translation, or by submitting a related request. .

Unlimited potential for artificial intelligence,

As this technology advances, AI is moving from a simple general scalpin to an automatic money management system in financing, diagnostic aid in medicine, and risk assessment in the field of bank loans. Or insurance or ally decision-making in the military field.

The size of the artificial intelligence market in 2015 reached $ 200 million, and it is expected that by 2025 it will reach nearly $ 90 billion.

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