Canceling “The Venture Bros” after seven broadcast seasons

Adult Swim has canceled the animated comedy “The Venture Bros”  After seven seasons and seventeen continuous years of broadcasting.

The series consists of 83 episodes over a total of 7 seasons. with extended and extended breaks between each season.

Series creator Christopher McCulloch announced the news on Twitter on Monday. Saying that he and the writers were in the process of writing Season 8 . when they received news a few months ago that the show was not returning. The final seventh season was aired in 2018.

Initially, the series was satirical “Johnny Quest” and other space age novels that predominated in the early 1960s. The series chronicles the life and adventures of the Venture family: teenagers Hank and Dean Fincher who are well-intentioned but incompetent.Their loving but emotionally insecure and unfathomable father. and Dr. Thaddeus “Venture” Rusty. Plus the family’s bodyguard, Secret Agent Brooke Samson. Reformer villain and Sergeant Hine. And the self-proclaimed arch enemy of the family. the King, the supervillain of the butterfly character.

Canceling “The Venture Bros” after seven broadcast seasons

He said in McCulloch’s tweet. “Unfortunately, it’s true: Venture Bros. has been canceled.” We got the disappointing news a few months ago. as we were writing what could have been the eighth season. We thank you, amazing fans. for your 17 years of kind (and patient) attention. And as always, we love you.

The Venture Bros

Things may not be over yet. He told an Adult Swim rep that he was looking for a way to continue the story with McCulloch and co-writer Doc Hammer: “We also want more from Venture Bros and working with Publick (Jackson) and Doc Hammer to find another way to continue the story of Venture Bros.

One possible avenue might be for the show to move to HBO Max with that possibility under discussion, but that’s it – early and far-reaching discussions in reality.

But after the Publick announcement, Adult Swim tweeted that the network was looking for ways to continue the series’ long story.

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