COVID-19: forget about hydroalcoholic gel thanks to these self disinfecting gloves

The start-up Spinali Design, based in Mulhouse, now sells a pair of self disinfecting gloves that exploit the properties of UV rays to disinfect themselves.

Press the elevator button corresponding to the ground floor. Wash hands with hydroalcoholic gel. Grab a grab bar in the subway. Wash hands with hydroalcoholic gel. Open the door to his office. Wash hands with hydroalcoholic gel. This repetitive hygienic task can be extremely stressful during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

An Alsatian start-up from Mulhouse offers an alternative, to avoid having to spend your hands on alcohol at all times. Spinali Design now sells a pair of smart gloves that disinfect by the action of light alone. The company specializes in making connected or “datatextile” clothing, such as a vibrant swimsuit that reminds a loved one to come and give you sunscreen.

self-disinfecting gloves : Light as a disinfectant

Self cleansing gloves
A mobile application can be used to estimate the disinfection time of gloves in natural or artificial light

During their manufacture, Spinali black gloves are treated with titanium dioxide (TiO2), which acts as a catalyst semiconductor according to the principle of photocatalysis. The latter accelerates a photoreaction, such as the redox of certain organic molecules by the action of a photon, thanks to the properties of a semiconductor molecule such as TiO2. In this case, this photochemical principle accentuates the destructive action of ultraviolet rays on microorganisms – including viruses like the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

Thanks to the TiO2 with which it is impregnated, the fabric of spinaly self disinfecting gloves accelerates the absorption of UV-A and UV-B, by exposure to natural sunlight, or UV-C, to artificial light. As a reminder, the UV absorbed causes the formation of new abnormal bonds in the genetic material of affected living beings and thus prevents their cells from replicating, leading to their death.

The self-disinfecting gloves are also equipped with a sensor (with an autonomy of 300 days) which communicates with a proprietary application under iOS and Android. The latter estimates the time required for exposure to light to bring the gloves as close as possible to 99% disinfection. Spinali Design indicates that it only takes 30 seconds to achieve this, under artificial UV light, compared to several minutes in the sun. The Alsatian start-up sells each pair of gloves for 59 euros as well as an additional artificial UV-C transmitter for 29 €.

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