DualSense Ps5 Controller: Key Features, Details, and Everything You Need to Know

Moving away from the DualShock moniker used since the very first PlayStation console, this new console represents a true start for the company.Here we take a look at the DualSense Ps5 controller: key features, details, and everything you need to know

* the design

Basically, although it doesn’t seem like it at first glance, the DualSense Ps5 controller is based on the PS4’s DualShock 4 – the best console in PlayStation history to date.

Yes, the color probably changed – to a two-tone design – and it looks like the volume has increased and slightly rounded (roughly to an Xbox shape). But the controllers are in the same position and there is still a touch screen on them. high. The light bar also returns, although it is on the sides of the touchscreen, not the top.

What this means for PSVR owners, we’re not sure. SIE has said in the past that PSVR will be supported by the PS5. With old headphones compatible with previous versions. But without a top light bar on the console. It is unlikely to work with the camera. Are there plans to switch to full motion detection instead? we will see.

* Haptic feedback

A new feature has been added to the DualSense Ps5 controller and is haptic feedback. Instead of the simple old rumble pack found in consoles for many generations of games, DualSense Ps5 will give the player tangible feedback to better immerse him in the game.

As Sony puts it on its blog, it “adds a variety of powerful sensations you’ll experience when you play, such as the endearing slow motion of driving a car in the mud.”

Thomas Was Alone’s developer, Mike Bithell, took a step further. After playing with the console itself: “You’ll love what they do with the console on the PS5 as well, with the DualSense Ps5,” he said. Advertise to play, watch, listen to podcast.

This indicates that even the slightest in-game effects can give players tangible feedback through the console.

* Adaptive triggers

In addition to the haptic feedback, the new control unit adopts adaptive triggers for the L2 and R2 buttons.

This also offers content-related feedback and finer control, such as when you pull the trigger on a pistol on the screen or when you shoot a bow to fire an arrow.

* Battery life

Another big problem for the PlayStation team was the improved battery life of the latest console. This is perhaps one of the main caveats of the DualShock 4 and it’s great to hear that it has been dealt with.

There’s no word on battery size or battery life yet, but the slightly larger design of the new console is partly due to congestion on a larger battery. And it’s great to hear that.

* There is no “share” button

As mentioned earlier, the share button has disappeared. However, it has been replaced by a new “Create” button function.

It launches a new Creation Studio tool that gives players more control over captured screenshots and videos than is currently possible on PS4. We’ll find out more later, that’s for sure.

* Built-in microphones

The only thing multiplayer / social players will love endlessly is the new feature for in-game chat and with other players without the need for a headphone – especially for short periods of time and when the sound quality is not that important.

DualSense will come with its own set of microphones built into the console. One wonders if this could also be an indication that the controller could be compatible with voice assistants, such as Alexa or Google Assistant? Maybe even its own voice recognition system (better than the one Sony has used before)?

* What this means for the PS5

One of the main things to know about DualSense is that it is a very big step forward. Which means backward compatibility is a minor issue. Sony recently confirmed that you won’t be able to play PS5 games with old DualShock 4 controllers on your PS4. For example . Although it will work on backward compatible PS4 games running on the new console.

However, with the reveal of the DualSense controller ahead of the PlayStation 5. It was clear that we would be doing something very special – in terms of design. We were not disappointed.

The two-tone design continues with the PS5 and its discless digital edition, with white outer blades surrounding a black and blue illuminated interior. We can’t see everything lit up (and play with one of us).

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