Facebook apologizes after deleting the Kenosha militia event

.Facebook apologizes for deleting the Kenosha militia event. after it falsely claimed responsibility for removing the event page after a shooting incident last week.

Contrary to a statement by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. who took credit for his teams, especially for removing the page and his father’s account. BuzzFeed News determined that the event was removed by the organizers. and not by Facebook.

Facebook apologizes after deleting the Kenosha militia event


The event, titled “Armed Citizens to Protect Our Lives and Property.” is run by a militia group, the Kenosha Guard. It had been scheduled for August 25 in the city of Wisconsin. which has been facing protests and unrest. Civilians after police shoot Jacob Blake.

It remained online despite over 400 complaints from users on the social network. It was a move Zuckerberg himself later described as an “operational error.”

On August 25. Open 17 year old boy. He had come to the area armed. shot during a meeting with protesters. As a result, two people were killed and a third wounded.

One person who reported the event . said he was told a review revealed the posts did not violate Facebook community standards on the night of the shooting. Despite recent claims from the platform that it was cracking down on it.

Speaking to Facebook employees on August 27th. A video later posted by Zuckerberg was heard. in which the CEO was heard. saying that professional supervisors were finally taking the lead.

He also declared in his second statement. that while doing so in a more sensitive manner. the Dangerous Regulation Team realized that they had violated policies and were thus removed.

Buzzfeed reported that the event was deleted the day after the shooting. But by Kenosha Guard official. The main account was terminated by Facebook on the same day.

Facebook apologizes for deleting the Kenosha militia event. a mistake that spread in the media around the world.

“When we answered questions about our initial investigation into what happened in Kenosha. we believed we removed the events page for violating our policies. Our investigation revealed that although we removed the Kenosha cover page.the organizer removed the event.” spokeswoman Liz Borghoy told BuzzFeed.

According to Zuckerberg, there is no indication that the shooter was following the Kenosha Guard page or was officially listed as planning to attend the event. He said mediators would seek to remove existing content to support the teenager.

But in posts on Facebook‘s internal forum, known as Workplace, employees were reported to have expressed their frustration with the event, after employees criticized the platform for not addressing the issue. Controversial racist speech by Donald Trump.

“I’m not sure why our external and internal communications claim we deleted the Kenosha Guard event,” wrote a member of the Workplace staff, according to BuzzFeed, and that the event was deleted by the user hours before the page was deactivated. ”

On August 19, Facebook unveiled a policy committed to taking action on all “accounts associated with anarchic, offline groups that support violence amid protests, US-based militia organizations and QAnon. Including Pages, Groups and Instagram profiles.”

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