Google will stop Google Play Music services by the end of 2020

Google is in the final stages of shutting down the google play music app and service for YouTube Music.

In fact, indications of condemnation of its music streaming service began since the introduction of its successor YouTube Music in May 2018, without knowing its exact specifications at that time.

The lockdown will begin in September in Australia and New Zealand, while the app will stop operating in October for the rest of the world. At this point, you will not be able to broadcast from google play music at all as the webcast will stop as well.

Google Play Music services will stop at the end of 2020

Pending the suspension of google play music service sometime in October, previous users will have until December of this year to transfer all their music and data out of service. This means, you can either transfer everything to YouTube Music or recover your downloaded and purchased music plus user data through Google’s Takeout tool.

Google has offered a migration tool to switch from Google Play Music to YouTube Music since May, and it will continue to work after Play Music stops playing.

This tool will bring everything you’ve downloaded to the Play music app, anything you’ve bought from Google Play Music, playlists you’ve created, stream songs you’ve saved to your library, and data about your listening habits.
After December, this data will be deleted, so you’ll need to make sure you’ve picked up everything before that.
There are also some previously unannounced changes to Google’s music products.

In addition to turning off Play music streaming service, Google is also removing music from Play Store completely. This means Google will not have a place to buy music entirely, as Apple has been doing with its long-running iTunes Store and Amazon with its own platform.

Unfortunately, Google has not given us exact dates for any of these changes, if you use Google Play Music, it is time to back up your data now – either to transfer it to YouTube Music or just to make sure not to lose it at the end of the year.

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