Here are the best iPad apps of 2020

There are many easy-to-use and useful iOS apps specifically for iPads.
While most iOS apps support the iPad, there are thousands of great apps in the Apple App Store that aim to run on larger screens (also known as iPads).in this article you will find the best iPad apps of 2020

Whether you want one to illustrate or write articles or games, you have plenty of options.
There are so many of them that it can be difficult to decide which one is worth trying. But in Softech Blog, we will take you to the world of best applications:

That’s why we have compiled this guide for the best iPad apps. We’ve also organized everything by category, so it’ll be easy to find the perfect app for your tablet.

Best iPad apps

* Best AR Apps – iPad and VR:

1)  Ikea Place:

IKEA Place lets you see IKEA products virtually in 3D and in real scale in your space. It includes most IKEA catalogs, such as sofas and chairs, and helps you better understand the size, design, and functionality of the furniture in your home.

Program download: Ikea Place

2) Giphy:  

Powered by augmented reality technology, this application allows you to create GIFs in the real world and share your creations with friends. Imagine drawing in the air with conversation GIFs.

Program download: Giphy

3) MeasureKit:

Although Apple now introduces the Measure app directly in iOS, there are alternatives, like MeasureKit, which have nine augmented reality tools: ruler, magnetometer, track, face grid, marker pin, angles, person height, cube, and level .

Program download: MeasureKit

4) Star Walk:

Star Walk is a popular stargazing app. It is an interactive guide to the night sky, which tracks all of your movements in real time and lets you explore more than 200,000 orbs and access information about whatever it finds.

Program download: Star Walk

5) Vuforia Chalk:

Vuforia Chalk combines live video with audio. The annotations are faithful to objects in the real world, even when people are on the move. Imagine, for example, using it as a field technician.

Program download: Vuforia Chalk

* Online Store:

6) Apple iCloud:

This is Apple’s own cloud storage service. The documents, media, and folders you store in iCloud Drive stay up-to-date on all of your Apple devices, so you can access them from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or PC, and on You will get 5 GB of free space to start.

Program download: iCloud Drive

7) Dropbox:  

Dropbox lets you store and share files and folders in the cloud, scan documents, and collaborate with others, all of which are securely synced across all of your devices – so you can access them anytime, anywhere. Anywhere. You will get 2 GB of free space to start.

Program download : Dropbox

8) Google Drive:


Google Drive is similar to Dropbox, you only get 15 GB for free to start, and it directly supports the entire Google product suite. You can see Google Photos or Google Docs files, for example, and invite others to view, edit or leave comments.

Program download: Google Drive

9) Microsoft OneDrive:

People who are most connected to the Microsoft ecosystem (maybe you have a Windows 10 PC or use Office apps) should have OneDrive. It allows you to access and share documents, photos, and other files from your iOS device and computer (PC or Mac).

Program download: Microsoft OneDrive

Best dating and relationship apps:

10) OKCupid:

OKCupid is all about rich profiles, where you can show your personality and interests. You can answer thousands of questions about yourself, or just a few, and this algorithm will help you connect with people who share your interests.

Program download: OKCupid

11) Grindr:

Grindr is a gay, bisexual, trans, and gay social networking and chatting app. It’s not as complete or beautiful as Tinder, for example, but it’s still the first choice for the LGBTQ community.

Program download: Grindr

* finance:

12) YNAB:   

YNAB claims to help you “break the paycheck cycle of the paycheck cycle, get out of debt and save more money”. Apparently, on average, new users are saving $ 600 in the first two months and more than $ 6,000 in the first year. First 30 days of use for free.

Program download: YNAB

13) menthe:

Want to see how your money is spent? Mint is a free money management and financial tracking app that combines your bank accounts, credit cards, bills, and investments and sees what you spend and where you can save money.

Program download: menthe

14) Robinhood:

Robinhood allows you to buy and sell stocks and exchange traded money without paying a commission. You can create a portfolio and invest in your favorite companies. Like Acorns, it is intended for novice investors who want to buy and trade.

Program download: Robinhood

15) Venmo:

Venmo is like Square Cash, but with social class. You can add notes to your payments so that others can see them and like or comment on friends’ stories.

Program download: Venmo

* Games applications:

16) Leos Fortune:

Leos Fortune is a great platform game with great scenes and graphics, clever puzzles, a whimsical story, and a small ball of plush that you can float or sink to reach the gold coins. It’s a refreshing break with the side scrollers.

Download game: Leos Fortune

17) Invisible، Inc:

Invisible, Inc. It is a turn-based stealth game that generates complex levels that you have to pass in order to escape from enemies and achieve goals. You can control 10 different characters in different missions, with tons of customization options.

Download game : Invisible، Inc.

18) Minecraft:

The hugely popular game Minecraft from Microsoft is available on all consoles and platforms, including iPad. With it, you can explore, mining and crafting in a 3D environment brimming with pixels, letting your imagination run wild.

Download gameMinecraft

19) Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery:

It is an adventure game with a strange and scary story as well as an excellent soundtrack. It’s been described as a game where you walk through a small mythical kingdom, fight, and conjure up magic – all while collaborating with friends via Twitter. seriously.

Download game : Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery

20) Stranger Things:

Do you like Netflix Original? we too. Now with the game, you can travel through Hawkins and use the characters’ weapons to fight enemies, take on quests, and solve everyone’s latest supernatural mystery in everyone’s favorite 80’s city.

Download game: Stranger Things

21) Mini Metro:

Now you can finally fix the metro. Well, technically, Mini Metro will allow you to try to build your own metro system. It is a simple and complex game with amazing puzzles to solve.

Download game: Mini Metro

22) Reds Kingdom:

Reds Kingdom is a puzzle-adventure game with a nice story and great gameplay. Mad King Mac has kidnapped your father and stole the golden nut! You have to explore and make your way through the kingdom.

Download game: Reds Kingdom

23) FTL: Faster than light:

In FTL, you run a spaceship and try to save the galaxy, with each encounter a unique challenge with multiple solutions. Each game will feature different enemies, events, and outcomes based on your decisions.

Download game : FTL

24) Sid Meier VI Civilization:

It is a sword! You can have the full Sid Meier Civilization experience in your pocket. Download now and play the first 60 tournaments for free.

Download game : Sid Meiers Civilization VI

25) Darkest Dungeon: Tablet Edition:

Darkest Dungeon is an RPG on psychological stress. You must recruit, train and lead a team through crooked forests, basements and beyond, while fighting stress, famine, disease and darkness.

Download game: Darkest Dungeon: Tablet Edition

26) The Room: Old Sins:

Here is another challenging puzzle game with a captivating story: the sudden disappearance of an engineer and his wife causes a search for a valuable artifact that leads to the discovery of a disturbing old doll.

Download game : The Room: Old Sins

27) 80 Days:

With this game, it will take you around the world in 80 days or less, as you travel by balloon, submarine, mechanical beauty, steam train and more.

Download game: 80 Days

28) Hitman GO:

Hitman GO is a turn-based strategy game where you navigate fixed spaces on a grid to avoid enemies and take out your target.

Download gameHitman GO

29) NÉO Scavenger:

NEO Scavenger is a game where you have to survive in the desert. And with every passing minute, you get weaker and have to choose your capabilities carefully at first, “because they and your mind are the only tools you have.”

Download game : NEO Scavenger

30) the Witness:

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wake up alone on a strange island? Now you can, but with puzzles that will challenge and surprise you.

Download the game:  Witness

31) Papers Please:

The communist state of Aristotzka just ended a six-year war with its neighbor. Your job as an immigration inspector is to control the flow of people entering while deciding who will be rejected or stopped.

Download game: Papers Please

32) Odyssée dAlto:

This is a sequel app to Odyssey Adventure. You play as a snowboarder, and fly through endless beautiful landscapes. While Adventure has players on a cool mountain, Odyssey immerses himself in grasslands and desert landscapes.

Download game : Alto Odyssey

33) Clash Royale: 

Clash Royale is a tower game where you can face players from all over the world in real time in 1v1 and 2v2 battles. The goal (three minutes into the game) is to destroy opposite towers as well as the “King’s Tower”.

Download game : Clash Royale

34) Fortnite:

 This is a Battle Royale game where you team up and compete to be the last one standing in 100 PvP players. You are supposed to build cover, fight your opponents, and survive for a longer time to achieve your victory.

Download game : Fortnite

35) Trivia HQ:

HQ Trivia is a popular gaming show where you can win real cash prizes. Every day you log into the live stream from HQ to answer trivia questions, which range from easy to hard, and see if you can make any money.

Download game : HQ Trivia

36) Hearthstone:

With this card fighter, you are the hero who uses the cards to “cast spells, summon minions and dominate” the battlefield. You can jump straight up, build your deck, hone your skills, and fight for glory in the arena and dueling players.

Download game : Hearthstone

37) LEGO AR Studio: 

LEGO AR Studio is an AR app that lets you play virtual LEGO games and their combos in your real environment. You can move and place everything, learn details about your setup, and experience filmmaking. You are in control of the entire experience.

Download game: LEGO AR Studio

38) Monument Valley: 

This is a sequel to Monument Valley from 2014. It is a standalone puzzle game, in which the goal is to guide Ro and his child through mazes, optical illusions, and impossible objects in order to complete the puzzle.

Download game : Monument Valley

39) Pokemon Go:

This game put mobile augmented reality experiences on the map in 2016. It allows you to be a trainer able to search for Pokemon in the real world, as well as capture, hatch, evolve and more. You can even participate in epic sports battles.

Download gamePokemon Go

40) PUBG Mobile: 

This is a Fortnite-style Battle Royal game where 100 players parachute onto a remote island. Players must locate and collect their weapons, vehicles, and supplies, and defeat each player to be the last remaining player.

Download game: PUBG Mobile

41) Trois:

Threes is a standalone puzzle game in which the player slices numbered squares on a grid to combine additions and multiples of three. The game ends when there is no further movement on the grid and pieces count for the final score.

Download game : Trois

* Best iPad Apps – Health & Fitness:


Lindice on iPhone is our first suggestion, but Glow is a good alternative for iPad. It has a menstrual cycle and ovulation calculator that also helps women know about their fertility, whether they are avoiding pregnancy or trying to conceive.

Program download: Glow

43) !Lose It:

Lose It! It is a weight loss program. You just need to download the app, set your goal and track foods to lose weight.

Program download: Lose It!

44) MyFitnessPal:

Built into Under Armor’s apps and devices, MyFitnessPal helps you track food, create goals, log your workouts, and get help.

Program download: MyFitnessPal

* Best iPad Apps – Music:

45) Apple Music: 

    This is an Apple Music subscription service built into their devices. With it, you can stream almost any note you want to hear.
Program download
: Apple Music

46) Pandora :

Pandora is a classic music app that is basically a digital radio. It allows you to create stations from your favorite songs, artists or genres.

Program download: Pandora 

47) SoundCloud:

SoundCloud is a music and audio streaming platform, with over 180 million tracks. It allows you to download audio and find new music, all in one place.

Program download: SoundCloud

48) Spotify: 

Spotify is similar to Apple Music, but it is not associated with Apple devices, and there is a free tier that allows you to listen to stations and playlists with ads.

Program download: Spotify

* Best iPad Apps – Security:

49) 1Password:

This is a password manager. It remembers all your passwords, lets you create passwords, and easily logs in to websites and apps.

Program download: 1Password

 50) NordVPN:

Are you traveling to a foreign country? Or do you just want to sail safely at home? With this application, you can enjoy safe and private access to the internet and secure your Wi-Fi connections against various cyber threats. There is a free trial version to get started.

Program download: NordVPN

51) Navigateur Onion:

Onion Browser is the original and open source Tor web browser that helps you access the internet with more security and privacy.

Program download: Navigateur Onion

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