India: 118 Chinese apps banned, including ‘PUBG Mobile’

In the context of diplomatic tensions between China and India. The Indian authorities have announced 118 Chinese apps banned, including ‘PUBG Mobile’.

According to analyst App Annie. Developed by a Chinese group. this game is India’s most profitable mobile app.

India’s Technology Ministry said in a statement. that PUBG Mobile and the other 117 apps “are involved in activities that harm the sovereignty and integrity” of the country. In particular, the government accuses the program of “stealing and [transmitting] user data in an unauthorized manner to servers located outside India.”

PUBG Mobile attended the popular game in India

The press release does not directly mention China. But the list released by the government exclusively contains programs developed by Chinese companies and developers. These include products from Baidu and Tencent. two of the largest technology companies in China.

In fact, PUBG Mobile was developed by Tencent. the largest video game company in China. This is a “battle royale” genre in which 100 players compete on a map to be the last to survive. The initial release of the game for PC and consoles. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (released in 2017, which heralded Fortnite’s success), was developed by a South Korean company.

The PUBG Mobile ban on the mobile version of the game in India threatens to halt the professional gaming scene on a regional scale. In particular, there is a large number of Indian players.

TikTok is already banned

In June, India launched the first wave of Chinese smartphone app blocking. The social network TikTok and WeChat messaging. in particular, have seen their use be banned in Indian soil.

The government similarly justified these measures. Explaining that the decision to attend PUBG Mobile was made after several complaints of alleged data theft and violations of privacy rules were submitted to the ministry.

This comes in a context in which India and China entered a new phase of diplomatic tensions in the spring, interspersed with bloody clashes between the soldiers of these two powers on the borders between the two countries. India and China have been fighting for control of two border regions since India’s independence and the end of British colonial rule in 1947

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