Instagram launches the Reels feature to compete with the TikTok app

Instagram launches the Reels feature to compete with the  TikTok app, admitting that it was working on a new and deadly feature for its app recently. But now things have speeded up. In total, Reels is launched in the US, UK and in more than 50 countries to compete with TikTok.

Instagram launches the Reels feature to compete with the TikTok app

The new section of the app features short clips of 15 seconds duration. Users can easily edit and download them. And it is clearly in a position to try to compete with TikTok’s grip in the short video market.

New features have been enabled in the latest version of the Instagram app. It adds a tab to the Explore section allowing you to browse other people’s reels.

You can also share your Reels files in this Explore tab instead of your friends. This indicates that Instagram is hoping to grow a wider ecosystem and thus enter into fierce competition with the TikTok app.

You can limit how many people see your reels on your followers or close friends, put them in your story to showcase it on time, or even send it as direct messages to keep it completely private.

Instagram launched a bunch of features that have made TikTok so successful. Including access to music library to liven up clips, AR effects, and video editing tools for quick cuts.

Sure, it would be interesting to see how Reels did this – her integration into Instagram means she’ll have a large user base right away, but whether the competition she puts out for longer videos on IGTV is a question mark over the decision.

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