Pirate targeting for online multiplayer games

One of the largest hacker groups in the world recently infiltrated multiple online multiplayer game platform servers. Their maneuvering allowed hackers to install malware on players’ computers and steal coins.

After targeting universities in Hong Kong during student protests last February to collect data. Chinese hacker group Winnti has returned to service by attacking the video game industry in Asia. This isn’t the first time that a group of hackers has targeted video game publishers, it is theirs.

This time, security company ESET revealed its attack on the servers of the very popular multiplayer games in Asia. Without mentioning it. ESET stated that the publishers of these games are located in South Korea and Asia.
In at least one attack. hackers were able to infiltrate and gain control of the server acting as the “connector” of the publisher’s online platform. In doing so, they were able to implant malware directly into users’ games. By discovering one of them, called PipeMon. ESET researchers were able to spot this hack.
This malicious code is so clever that it is able to assign valid certificates from video games and bypass Windows protection to install itself among users. The goal of these hacks is primarily financial. Thus ESET has limited virtual coin collections in at least one game.
    The security company was able to attribute this campaign to the Winnti Group due to the similarity of PipeMon code to previous attacks on video games. Today, if malicious certificates and codes are neutralized, the Winnti hackers should not be fired according to the company.
The group is responsible for many attacks carried out in the same way as it works against video game publishers, but also in other sectors. And so, in 2017 and 2019, talk about them by introducing CCleaner cleaning software and on the computers of the manufacturer Asus.

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