samsung tv the frame: the TV you can’t see

“samsung tv the frame”, therefore, has all the same characteristics as other recent Samsung televisions: Ultra HD 4K image, HDR technology, Bluetooth connection, lark!

The innovation here is that once off, the “art” mode is activated so that an image of our choice is displayed like a painting.

the frame tv A personalized work of art

Around 100 works by 40 artists are already included inthe frame Samsung tv’s system, including photos of architecture, graphic art, natural landscapes, cityscapes, etc.

The Frame transforms into a work of art to blend in with the decor and harmonize with the style of the room. There is no question here of letting a black screen spoil your new decor!

If you want even more, you can subscribe for $ 8 per month to what Samsung calls the “Art Store”, which allows unlimited access to a very large bank of works of art and photos that appear. in museums, both classic and modern.

As the device has a built-in motion detector, an image is always displayed when there is someone in the room. If you leave for several days or even at bedtime, The Frame TV’s smart screen turns off automatically.

What is interesting to know is that the “art” mode of the device does not consume a lot of power. About the same amount as our cable modem.

We can set everything manually on our smartphone via the Smart View compatible application. available for iOS and Android, or with the Smart Remote included with the purchase.

With intelligence

Most voice assistants are compatible with television. It obviously works with Bixby. the assistant developed by Samsung, and is installed by default on the TV itself.

samsung tv the frame

the samsung tv the frame also has Apple’s AirPlay 2 built-in, which allows us to stream or share content on the big screen. It can also be used to play videos, listen to music, view photos and more from our iPhone, iPad or Mac.

We can also have the TV connected with Alexa and Google Assistant and ask their voice assistant to turn on the TV, change stations to control the volume, etc. simply with our voice.

Screen brightness

Screen brightness and white balance adjust to match the lighting in the room for an even more natural result. It works the same way as the frames that already adorn our walls, we see them a little less when it is darker.

The finish resembles that of a frame that incorporates a glass to protect the photograph or drawing in it, there is a slight reflection of the light there, but it’s really subtle.

One wire to connect all devices

For The Frame to truly have the appearance of a frame hanging on the wall, the TV is connected only to the One Connect box, which can accommodate the connection of your components via its HDMI and USB ports.

This way, there is only one wire that connects to the television to have the real impression of being in front of an artist’s painting at all times.

The cable included with the purchase is 5 meters long, but we can also get one 15 meters long depending on the configuration of our room.

samsung tv the frame

If you want to personalize our new TV a bit, there are frames in different colors sold separately that can be installed in seconds using a magnetic system.

Available in four sizes, either 43, 49, 55 or 65 inches, The Frame television starts at $ 1,200 and the wall mount and a base for placing it on a piece of furniture are already included.

Depending on your decor, you can also get the easel-type support for an even more artistic result!


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