Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X: reveal pricing,and design.

After months of waiting, an Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X design leak has finally revealed pricing, release date and design. Microsoft then confirmed the Xbox Series S design and pricing on Twitter.

Next-generation consoles are slated to be launched. Be it Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, or Sony PlayStation 5 at the end of the year. More specifically, in November. However, we don’t officially know its price or official release date yet.

Xbox Series S and Series X: reveal pricing,and design.

XBOX SERIES S: Next Generation Console Design

The Xbox Series S was previously widely leaked, but Microsoft has yet to confirm the existence of this console. We know it’s a less powerful device than the Xbox Series X, with a GPU that has a starting power of just 4 TFlops versus its older sister 12. Additionally, the console had to bet on a design that’s closer to the current Xbox One S. And it doesn’t have a Blu-Ray player to really cut prices. The WalkingCat account leak allows us to discover the final design outside of the cube some have imagined.

What makes the Xbox Series S a next-gen console.

Its features: It includes the same AMD Zen 2 processor as the Xbox Series X. It offers the same functionality as its older sister like raytracing or using SSD with Xbox Velocity Architecture. It remains to be seen with any level of performance. The Xbox Series S is designed to work with Full HD 1080p displays. The PS5 and Xbox Series X aim to display 4K.

To really understand what the Xbox Series S is about, you need to know its price. Thankfully, this leak also reveals the price and release date of the range.

Release Date

Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X will be released in the US on November 10. History must be the same for France.


According to Windows Central, the Xbox Series X will be priced at $ 499, or maybe 499 euros in France. This is the price Microsoft uses with the Xbox One and Xbox One X. With the Xbox All Access subscription. This console will sell for $ 35 a month for 24 months. As a reminder, this subscription offer includes Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

The Xbox Series S will be much cheaper, as it is only marketed at $ 299. This would result in a price of € 299 in France, and Microsoft France confirmed that to us. It will also be offered via subscription at $ 25 a month with a US 24-month commitment. A similar offer should be made in France, but the prices are in Euros we don’t yet have.

These are the prices we envisioned for the Xbox Series X, and the lower bracket for the Xbox Series S. The € 299 is quite aggressive for the next generation console, but it’s legit given the features revised down. .

As a reminder, Sony also has two console models in its box. In our opinion, the PlayStation 5 should also sell for 499 euros, and the digital version of the PlayStation 5 at 399 euros. But on the part of the Japanese manufacturer, we’re still guessing.

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